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Examples of our work.
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Custom doors offer unlimited possibilities. Design your own, choose from one shown here, or send us a photo or elevation view of your house and we will make suggestions.
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by Grant Lamson Taylor
I believe a home is an expression of style, quality, and pride. My company, Lamson-Taylor Custom Doors, is dedicated to giving homeowners, builders, and architects the freedom to design their own unique entrance.

The Lamson-Taylor philosophy is to offer custom, insulated doors that are durable and beautifully made using the highest quality native woods and the strongest construction methods available.

My company is small, so we can keep business personal, enjoy our work, and offer individually produced entrances. All our doors are made in my stone workshop on a hill in Acworth, New Hampshire.

I hope you find creating your own door to be exciting and imaginative. I invite you to chose a door you see here or to send a sketch of what you would like, and I will be happy to work with you to create a door that is personal, distinct, and just right for you.

Insulated & Solidly Constructed of Native Woods
All Lamson-Taylor doors are available in native hardwoods or pine with a minimum 1/2" layer of insulation. In the raised-panel doors (shown here), the panel system is set in a mortised and tenoned frame. These construction methods allow the interior and exterior surfaces to respond to their individual environments. The insulation and excellent weather stripping provide an airtight door. Designed to withstand our harsh New England winters, Lamson-Taylor doors have four time more R-value than uninsulated doors.


Door Style 1
Oak, insulated Tudor door, with linenfold carving
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Door Style 2
Cherry, insulated door, with custom stained glass
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Door Style 3
Oak, insulated doors, with handwrought iron;
Alice's Church doors for Arlo Guthrie
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Door Style 4
Pine, insulated door, with insulated bull's-eye glass
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Door Style 5
Oak, insulated door, with handwrought iron, a reproduction of a Connecticut church door
Iron work by Ian Eddy
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Library Millwork & Doors
Oak, 24 foot by 16 foot room
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